Digital Marketing Power 12 Pack

Digital Marketing Power 12 Pack

The power pack for powerful digital marketing with 12 leading digital marketing key elements.

Power past your competition to the top.


Power 12 Pack:

1. Website
        A. Includes Home, About, Contact Page
        A. Includes additional pages as needed
        B. Includes a full desktop-friendly website
        C. Includes a mobile-friendly website
        D. Includes hosting*
           *You pay for Domain registration ~ $12/ year

2. Blog
        A. Unique Articles -> 2 times per month
        B. Optimization for your business keywords
        C. Agent service for guest posting on websites with backlinks / SEO optimization

3. Lead Magnet and Landing Page
        A. Includes a custom built Lead Magnet (special offer)
        B. Includes a custom built Landing Page for capturing new leads
        C. Includes integration with your Email Marketing campaign

4. Commerce
        A. Includes WooCommerce or Shopify setup and integration
        B. Includes QuickBooks integration
        C. Includes Products and Services integration

5. Chat Integration
        A. Integration on Website, Commerce and Facebook
        B. Automate & combine Facebook Messenger, SMS, and E-mail
        C. Engage automatically with chat automation plus mobile app follow-up

6. Business & Social Media Listings
        A. Google My Business Page
        B. Facebook Business Page
        C. Instagram Business Account
        D. Yelp Business Page

7. Social Media Marketing
        A. Posting on top 3 platforms -> 200 times per week

8. Online Reputation Management
        A. Online Reviews setup for website plus on your business pages
        B. Email that asks for reviews
        C. Intervention for bad reviews

9. Social Media Advertising*
        A. Includes:
                a). 3 Campaign with 3 Ad Sets per campaign plus 2 Video Ad
                b). Lead Page for capturing leads
        B. Campaign Sequence:
                a) Likes -> b) Brand Awareness -> c) Leads
          *You pay ~ $2000/mo for Facebook Ads

10. Email Marketing
        A. Yearly Holiday Calendar with 18 Holiday Emails
        B. Emailing of Announcements and Offers -> 5-10 times per week
        C. New Customer Welcome Package
        D. Online Review Requests

11. Search Enging Marketing
        A. Ongoing Ad Variants for Keyword Search on Page 1 of Google
        B. Ongoing Ad Optimization
        C. Ongoing Ad Consultations
          *You pay ~ $2000/mo for Google Ads

12. Bonus How-to eBooks
        A. How to Launch and Maintain your Digital Marketing Strategy eBook
        B. How to do Email Marketing eBook
        C. How to Manage your Reputation Online eBook

Includes a customized setup specific for your business needs.

Includes a monthly report on the status of your digital marketing.


Estimated at $10,000/mo

Payment is recurring monthly. No long-term contracts. No price increases. You may cancel at any time. You own and keep your website, business listings, social media accounts, email marketing, and all your marketing content.

Payment is handled securely by PayPal. All major credit cards are accepted. We respect your privacy.

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